5 Tricks to Get Your Property at the Top of the Selling List

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Selling your property can be tough especially if there is no high demand for it in the market. It is important that you are always ready to wait for potential buyers when you decide to sell your house. Though, there are some tricks to skyrocket your house to the top of the selling list. After talking to several real estate experts, here are some essential selling tips they shared to get potential buyers interested in your property:

Curb your house’s appeal

Before anything else, the first thing buyers see is the exterior of your house. And it is important that you make a good first impression to make your property more sellable.  Take note that buyers already judge the property at first glance. No matter how good the interior of your house looks, buyers always make judgment before they walk in. Make sure to hit all the marks by cleaning your outdoor and upgrading its features. Repaint your house and spruce up your fences with beautiful flowering shrubs.  You may also add a small outdoor bench and a small table in your house’s entryway. Curbing the appeal of your house may cost you bucks but you can typically get a hundred percent return on your money once it is sold.

Upgrade and de-personalized

Check your house for damages and fix them immediately. Upgrade door knobs and locks and make sure that leaks, crevices and other unnecessary dents are fixed before you put your house on a selling list. You also need to maximize the lighting by taking down drapes and cleaning the window so as changing bulbs and fluorescent lamps and cutting trees that may hinder the light from the sun from entering your window.

Here is the catch in upgrading your house—de-personalized. Take out yourself from the house that you are selling. Buyers do not want to get themselves a house with the previous owners’ memorabilia and keepsakes in it. Take out personal paintings, photos and personal collections. Empty the storage and your bedroom from personal belongings. If you are selling the house fully furnished with all the furniture in it, you may want to hire a person who can stage a floor plan and rearrange the furniture to use space efficiently.

Hire the right broker

Choosing the right broker plays an important role in getting your house in the forefront of a selling list. Make sure that your broker is well-informed and knows how to market your property well. Find a broker who is aware of the trends in the real-estate market. Look for someone who is tech savvy enough to find multiple listing services especially online to make your property more visible to a wider range of potential buyers.

Price it right

With the help of a good broker, find out what your house is worth in the current market. Make sure to consider all the features and its accessibility to transportation, health services and shopping centers when pricing. You may want to also slash a little percent from the total price to make it more sellable. Always talk with your agent for strategies and the right pricing.

Put it on the list

Once you are ready, put your property on a real estate listing. There are a lot of services out there especially online that can help you sell your property. Make sure to write a catchy description and a list of all the feature of your house to give potential buyers a glimpse of what is in store for them.

Be ready to show

Once you have put it in the list, prepare yourself for buyers wanting to see your property. Be ready since you do not really know when buyers are going to request for a walkthrough inside the house you are selling. Make sure you as well as your agent are always available. Also make sure that your house is free from all the unnecessary clutters during these times.



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